Reviews of Our Assisted Living Homes


To My Doctor’s Inn staff,

My mother has been a resident at My Doctor's Inn for 4 1/2 years. We toured several facilities before making our choice. My mom and our family are very happy with our decision because she gets the best of care and it's a great atmosphere. Numerous activities, events, and dinners that the family can participate in. I have always been impressed with the employees who are always welcoming and fun! Of course, the pandemic has limited visits and activities, but the staff has gone out of their way to keep the residents and the staff as safe as possible.

Leonard L.

To My Doctor’s Inn staff,

Mom has been here since July 1st after coming from a different assisted living place that, although was beautiful, they were not caring for my Mom or looking out for her as they should have. This pandemic has been stressful on everyone, and I can't imagine how it is for the employees of My Doctor's Inn as well as those living there. Every single person I have met or spoken to have been super friendly and are so very nice to my Mom. You can tell by how they help her with her hair and her nails that they go above and beyond to help her maintain her appearance as she needs help with everything, it seems. They are attentive to her normal routine and are quick to access if there is a change in her that requires medical attention. The management team is super responsive and empathic. It cannot be easy on them with everyone having to contact via phone right now. Guilia answering the phone and managing the front desk is such a joy to deal with.

Thanks to the entire team for all that you do. It cannot be easy, particularly these days. Me and my family do appreciate it. She is precious to us and it is important to know that you think she is too!

Shirley R.

To My Doctor’s Inn staff,

My mother's been here for a couple of years with dementia. The live music program has been fantastic, with top quality performers - I go for my own enjoyment as much as to sit with my mother. The staff has been exceptional. The real test is I think what happens when family isn't there, and there have been several times I've stopped in unannounced and unexpected, and walked in to find staff sitting with my mother in her living room, going through her old photos with her, spending one on one quality time with her. With visiting 3-4 times a week for a couple years, I've never seen a staff member raise their voice or speak with anything other than kindness and patience and a smile to a resident - or to another staff member.


To My Doctor’s Inn staff,

I could not be happier with the care my relative receives at My Doctor's Inn, especially during the covid outbreak. The staff has gone to great lengths to keep residents safe and to help us feel connected when we can't see each other: they text photos of her to me and assist with frequent video chats. Today, for example, they sent me a photo of her receiving one of the gift bags that they gave to all the residents and a photo of staff dressed as elves. She looks happy when we video chat. She has dementia, so they assist her with eating (I'm surprised they've been able to keep her weight up), play music for her, and make sure her robotic cat that she thinks is real is nearby. These are tough times for people who work in assisted living and long term care facilities, but you would never know it from the kindness and patience they show my relative.

Laura N.

To My Doctor’s Inn staff,

Aida, her management team, and her staff have served a very difficult client in my Mother-in-law. They have done so with grace and compassion.

During these unprecedented times, I believe that they have made the tough decisions to keep her and the rest of this very vulnerable and precious population as safe and well cared for as possible. I do not believe the decisions made have been easy or popular.

Have I agreed with all that I have seen and experienced in the nearly 2 years Mom has been a resident at My Doctor's Inn? No. But I do understand that these professionals are trained and care deeply about the well being of their residents.

My Doctor's Inn was our only option after Mom was unable to return to her previous placement. It has been a lifesaving help to our family. Thank you for the service you performed when we were unqualified and unable.

Ellen T.

To My Doctor’s Inn staff,

My father is currently living at My Doctors Inn. Our experience has been excellent! The staff has bent over backward to help us during a very difficult time. I can’t thank Anna Maria, Desiree, Carolina, Nikki, Rebecca, and Guilia enough for all that they have done to make this transition smoother I also think the care team has been amazing and answered all of our requests. This is a beautiful facility with loving and caring people who work there. I would definitely recommend My Doctors Inn if your loved one needs to move to an Assisted Living or Memory Care facility. I also wanted to add that they have handled the pandemic wonderfully and taken all precautions to keep the residents safe.

Susan F.

To My Doctor’s Inn staff,

From the moment we entered this facility forward, we have been treated with love and kindness. My fear level was off the charts, and everybody here went out of their way to ease my fear. Every single person including the director, assistant directors every staff member has been kind and respectful to both my brother and myself. In a time where my life was literally crumbling in around me the staff here made me feel I was at home, and I was safe, and they did the same for my brother. I honestly can’t thank them enough.

Michele C.

September 12, 2018
To My Doctor’s Inn staff,

My mom has been part of the My Doctor's Inn family for five years. Not only has my mom received excellent care in their memory care unit, but she is happy. Her needs are attended to by a loving and caring staff who are quick to help her in any way she needs. My mom has progressed from someone needing a watchful eye to someone who depends on others to care for her. My Doctor's Inn was the perfect choice when she needed a safe environment and it continues to be the right choice now that she needs more constant care. I love that not only do they look out for my mom's needs, they look out for mine. We have laughed together and cried together while facing the challenges dementia brings. Thanks My Doctor's Inn for being there through the good time and the bad! I sleep well at night knowing you are caring for my mom.
Barb D.

August 27, 2018
To My Doctor’s Inn,

My Mom has been at Doctor's Inn for 5 years now - she will be 100 years old in November. There are so many good things to say about Doctor's Inn. From the minute she joined as a resident there - everyone was so kind, understanding and helpful in the transition- not only for my Mom- but for us, her family. If you are reading this then you know this is not an easy decision, but I can assure you that our experience has been wonderful. My Mom's needs are met with great care, concern and promptness-- and of course with respect, kindness and love. The facility is beautiful and many activities and social events are hosted for the residents to enjoy. Knowing that my Mom is well taken care of, My Doctor's Inn has provided a sense of peace and security for me.
Donna E.

August 25, 2018
To my Doctor’s Inn staff,

Having worked in senior living for over 12 years, my siblings and I decided on My Doctor's Inn for my father who has moderate dementia. While no place is perfect, as I know from experience, this place comes very close. The staff is always friendly and kind, the building is so nice and homey and I feel at peace knowing my dad is well cared for. He is participating in activities, going out for lunch at times, and is able to have all of his needs met...haircuts, doctor visits, dental visits, etc. I feel blessed to have found this place where my dad is content and happy. I know how hard these caregivers work, and I appreciate and am grateful that there are people willing to care for our loved ones the way that they do.
Bernadette C.

June 20, 2018
To our friends at MDI,

There are no words to describe how blessed our family was to know mom (Monica) has been living in a place such MDI. It has been her home and that means so much to all of us. Your genuine care, love and concern for her has giving us peace for the last 4 ½ years.
We wouldn’t have wanted to have her final days anywhere but here. MDI was her home and all because of you. We are going to miss you all!

The Family of Monica R.

June 11, 2018
My Doctor’s Inn,

We looked for an assisted-living facility after our mother started having memory issues at her independent-living apartment. My Doctor's Inn has been wonderful for her, particularly the life enrichment activities. She enjoys the meals, and her private apartment is clean and bright.

Thank you for all you do,
Kathy D.

February 15, 2018
MDI Staff,

We can’t put into words the appreciation we have for the staff at MDI for caring for Harriet (mom/grandma).
Everyone…from the receptionist, kitchen, servers, janitorial, administrative, nurses, care friends, med techs, activities, supervisors, etc….need to be applauded, not only for their work ethic, but the genuine ability to care.
Mom didn’t know all of your names, but she knew your face and so many of you knew her as well. You all really took on the role of her “everyday family”.
You made a personal connection with her. She truly had love in her heart for everyone that showed her kindness. She was quite a character and gave many of you a hard time, but at some point, she learned to like you and give you a big smile.
Because she was so comfortable, taken care of, and loved, it really eased the burden for her family. We always knew she was safe no matter what mischief she got into.
The more her body and mind faded the more dependent she was on the staff. We know you handled her carefully with love, grace and prayers. Often, you comforted the family, and that will never be forgotten. We can’t thank you enough for the care and the love.

The family of Harriet M.

January 15, 2018
Good Afternoon MDI Friends,

As you know, our sweet Richard went home to be with Jesus. Words cannot describe my love for that precious man! My heart is so sad as I experienced my first Christmas without him, but I will be able to move forward knowing that he is celebrating Christmas, and eternity, with Jesus and the many who have gone before him.
The attendance at my Dad’s memorial on Saturday was humbling, especially during this very busy holiday season. The love of Jesus Christ is certainly shown through our/his many family and friends, including you all at MDI! Thank you, ALL, for your genuine care and love for our precious Daddy and the many other residents. I can speak on behalf of my siblings in stating that our prayers were answered when we found you! Truly - from reception to activities, facilities, dining, laundry, care friends, nursing, administration - you ALL made a difference in our lives! And most importantly, in that of Richard’s! Please know that you are appreciated and that you matter!
My Dad was my biggest cheerleader, encourager, supporter, rescuer, role model, rock, and hero. He loved unconditionally, was so very kind, generous, selfless, the smartest man I know, and humble. His greatest hobby and favorite thing to do was to build things, but what he built within our family and our hearts is priceless. I will strive to be more like my Dad with each new day, and allow his legacy to continue, creating life-change and positive impact within myself and those around me. I grew up thinking I was the luckiest girl in the world because of the Dad I had. As I got older, I didn’t just “think”, I knew! Thanking God daily for the gift of being Richard’s daughter. I couldn’t be more proud!
Please share with anyone I may have missed. Soon after the funeral weekend, we had to depart for a family vacation planned long ago. While the timing was stinky, I do believe my Dad would not have wanted us to cancel. I hope to pop in upon our return and my multiple trips down from Traverse City. Would love to give you “hugs” and a “thanks” in person.

Until then, keep shining that light of Jesus!

Carol B.

November 15,2017
Dear Aida,

I wanted to take this opportunity on behalf of my sisters, Sara M., Sheila P. and Julia K., to thank you and your staff for the wonderful care given to my mom Barbara M.
Right from the first interview, Sara and I knew that My Doctor’s Inn was the place for mom.
The professionalism and care, not only for my mom, but also for us as a family, shone through and even though we visited two other places, nothing could compare. We were so amazed that you, a busy Director, took the time to join us when we were signing the necessary form to place her.
I can’t thank your amazing staff enough. Your nurses; Rebecca, Shantel and Samantha, watched over her and spent time with her and eased her through the bad days along with the good. They communicated with us and kept us informed and gave us hugs when we needed them.
Even though we never got a chance to really know her care friends; Curtresha P., Latoyia J. and Sandra D., it was obvious that they also cared. She was always clean and neat and even on her “Betty” days, she was looked after and loved.
We also thank you for the lovely blanket you sent to the family remembering mom. It will be something we will cherish.
We want you to know that, when asked, we would all be happy to give My Doctor’s Inn a glowing recommendation.
Once again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Pam K.

Dear Staff at My Doctor’s Inn:

Just wanted to let you know what a wonderful experience my sisters and I had with my Dad during our tour of My Doctor’s Inn on April 18, 2017.
First off, we can’t say enough about the friendliness and kindness of all the staff members we encountered. They all gave us a warm and cozy insight to how the facility is run and we could see from the cleanliness how well maintained the place is kept as well. Anna did a great job showing us around and answering all our questions…making our Dad feel very welcomed. We were impressed with Mainstreet, the theatre and the one-bedroom unit…..would be a perfect set up for Dad. You can just see how well organized and how well run this facility truly is.
One big consideration for Dad is his love for food so we requested a lunch that day to sample a taste…….By-golly we have to say we were all thumbs up. We immensely enjoyed eating our peppered steak and garlic chicken lunch! The presentation of food as well as the service was fabulous! Everything was so fresh and tasty… we thought we were at a 5-star hotel! It was right then and there that Dad said he was set on someday being a resident at My Doctor’s Inn. My sisters and I wanted to take a doggie bag home for our husbands, however, we ate every little scrap on our plate….we did manage to snatch a few of those delicious homemade cookies and a piece of banana bread… was the best! Thanks Scott for giving me the low-down on how much care goes into the processing of the good caliber of food that is prepared each day… showed. Our hats off to the chefs and all the kitchen help for a great meal!
So with the wonderful greeting and all the well-thought out amenities, provisions that this facility offers, my sisters and I now know where our Dad will reside when he’s ready to make the move. We would not hesitate to refer other family members and friends to My Doctor’s Inn. We will keep in touch with Kim, who has been such a big help to us. Thanks again to everyone for a very memorable day.

Jan M. (Cindy, Nancy and Nick)

April 10, 2017
You wonderful people at My Doctor’s Inn….

We just wanted to send a big “Thank You” to everyone there for everything you did
for our mom Bernice while she lived there the last few years. Everyone from Management,
to the care friends should be very proud of the wonderful facility they run, and the great
personal care they provide the residents. We know she felt very safe and content there
and we were comforted knowing she was so well taken care of.

Thank you and bless you all!!!
Sandy W. & Carol W.

To my Doctor’s Inn Management,

I want to tell you how special each member of the staff made us and Arlene's best girlfriend feel on Saturday when we brought Grace to visit with Arlene. Kelly had Arlene all ready for her special visitor, Patty greeted us warmly as we came through the door, and Grace was so impressed by how the staffed interacted with the residents (on both floors). It was a treat for Grace when she was getting off the elevator to the second floor to hear, "OK, which one is Grace?"
One always looks to the top when there is such a well-functioning team.
Please thank all on our behalf.

Andy C.

May 2015
To everyone at My Doctor’s Inn

I would like to thank you all, each and every one of you for everything you did for my dad and I know that was not always easy. Thank you for keeping him safe, warm and happy. Thank you for touching him when you walked past him, scratching his back and putting your arm around him. Thank you for speaking to him when you were in hearing distance or stepping closer when you weren’t. Even though he didn’t remember your name, thank you for being “dear”. Thank you for moving his clothes back in his apartment when he decided he was moving out. Thank you for learning about his leg and sugar highs and lows – and that what should work always didn’t – thank you for not giving up. Thank you for making his soup, milk and water hotter than you thought safe – because that is the way he liked it. Thank you for letting him follow you in the hallways and wander into your office. Thank you for doing more than your job. Thank you for helping us makes his last years surrounded by people who care, laugh and are compassionate. You miss him because you enjoyed him, you are sad because you cared. As hard as that is, it is a good thing.

Please know we appreciate you,
Don’s daughter Maureen.

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