Senior Care Services in Sterling Heights

Senior Care Services in Sterling Heights

At My Doctor’s Inn we combine a full spectrum of senior care services with multiple amenities that make our residents feel part of a community while they get the care they need. Community helps people feel at home, helps them remain a vibrant part of their friends’ lives. Community provides a sense of belonging and purpose. We’ve created
a true senior living community that fully allows our residents to live and enjoy life.

Accordingly, we provide a full range of senior care services.

Assisted living - our assisted living apartments allow residents to maintain and enjoy their lives while getting extra help where they need it. Maybe your loved one needs a little help with laundry. Our laundry service is here to help. It could be that they need help remembering to take their medications, and which medication to take when. Our professional, trained staff is here to assist.

Whether our residents need help with housekeeping or personal care, we’re there for them.

Learn more about our assisted living apartments here.